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Breakthrough Mindset Specialists for Accelerated Personal Development
Keynote Speakers, Mind Body Integration Therapists & Trainers 

Breakthrough Mindsets

Meet Dave and Kim Ryder

Dave and Kim are inspirational, dynamic keynote speakers, master mindset trainers, and breakthrough mindset specialists for Total Integrated Therapy LLC.

Dave and Kim come from a clinical, therapeutic background, specializing in helping individuals, to make profound changes with their breakthrough mindsets program and session work. In addition, they have travelled extensively around the world speaking and teaching at hundreds of venues to thousands of people, and provide continued education credits to professionals.
Their Breakthrough Mindsets program is so innovative that other licensed professionals refer their clients to them frequently. Kim and Dave continue working closely with individuals, to break through the mindsets that affect thinking, behaviors and inspiration.

Breakthrough Mindsets Formula is a personal development process that will create empowering change, so you can live a fulfilling life and achieve greater success in your field.

Dave and Kim Ryder Breakthrough Mindsets Specialists

This innovative approach fills the gaps in traditional therapies and western medicinal approaches to health and well-being with lasting results.

Dave Ryder- Breakthrough Coach


David is passionate about teaching, speaking and sharing his knowledge on Mastery of the Mind, and advanced Mind Bodywork Integration, providing his students with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.  He is a certified and approved CE Provider, for Psychologists, Counselors, therapists and other Healthcare Professionals. David’s lifelong dedication to emotional and physical health, manual therapy and teaching advanced therapeutic techniques drives his desire to help others enhance their emotional and physical management and personal development.

Dave and Kim Ryder - Breakthrough Coaching


David and Kim Ryder are the originators of the “Mind Body Integration System”® and developers of the “Breakthrough Mindsets Formula” (Rapid Mindset Alignment) and are experts in the field of creating profound change. Together Dave and Kim are an inspirational team working around the world, healing and empowering everyone who comes in contact with them. This innovative approach fills the gaps in traditional therapies and western medicinal approaches to health and well-being with lasting results. In directing change or overcoming challenge we take a look at the root cause of why and how we are limiting our potential. This is how we begin to make the biggest breakthroughs in our relationships, business, and our personal development.

You can work with them in person at their Mind Body Integration Center for Physical and Emotional Health near Portland in Oregon or via their private online session room.

Kim Ryder -Breakthrough Coach, Mind Body Integration Specialist and Mindset Coach, and Co-owner of Total Integrated Therapy.


Kim Ryder enjoys teaching, speaking, writing and is the author of the children’s book “I Can Change The Way I Feel”.  She also has expertise as a Breakthrough Mindsets Consultant, Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher, and MyOsteo Holistic Bodyworker. Kim is dedicated to helping people to release limiting beliefs that are holding them back from more success, love, and fulfillment! Her unique style helps clients to learn how to relax, be more happy, confident and empowered.


Work with us, in person, online or over the phone. – We can also come to you! Inquire for more information. So You Can Live a Greater Life and Achieve Greater Success!



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