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Accelerated Personal Development Breakthrough Coaching
Mind Body Integration –  Therapy & Education 

Mind Body Integration Center for Physical and Emotional Health

Total Integrated Therapy offers cutting-edge, short-term therapies designed for people looking for better solutions. Personal Development   Breakthrough Coaching, Mind Body Integration, Therapies & Education. We can help you break free from physical & emotional pain in hours, not months or years. The changes you can expect are quick, deep and lasting. Achieve your goals, be more creative, and feel more confident, happy and successful. Experience beyond words how Total Integrated Therapy can help you.

Dave Ryder- Breakthrough Coach


David Ryder, Mind Body Integration Specialist, Coach, Consultant, and Co-Owner of Total Integrated Therapy. He is a certified and approved Educational CE Provider, for Psychologists, Counselors, therapists and other Healthcare Professionals and has an extensive background as a licensed Instructor and trainer for Orthopedic Medical MyOsteo Bodywork. He is known as an International Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Educator. He specializes in advanced Mind Bodywork Integration, and Mastery of the Mind, providing his students with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. 

David’s lifelong dedication to emotional and physical health, manual therapy and teaching advanced therapeutic techniques drives his desire to help others enhance their emotional and physical management and personal development.


We love help.

Dave and Kim Ryder - Breakthrough Coaching


David and Kim Ryder are the founders and developers of the Mind Body Integration System® and are experts in the field of creating profound change. The Mind Body Integration System is a combination of the very best physical and emotional transformational processes that generate tremendous freedom and balance in the mind body system. This personal development process will create powerful change in all areas of your life.

Together Dave and Kim are an inspirational team working around the world, healing and empowering everyone who comes in contact with them. This innovative approach fills the gaps in traditional therapies and western medicinal approaches to health and well-being with lasting results.

You can work with them in person at their Mind Body Integration Center for Physical and Emotional Health near Portland in Oregon. The center has regular training, seminars, and workshops available throughout the year. If you have been looking to learn advanced solutions that work better than anything you’ve ever tried, your search is over. The Mind Body Integrated System is phenomenal and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Dave and Kim have formulated a training program for anyone working in the areas of physical and emotional therapies. Increase your value dramatically. This training creates advanced therapists who transform people’s lives. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone working in the fields of physical and emotional therapies

Kim Ryder -Breakthrough Coach, Mind Body Integration Specialist and Mindset Coach, and Co-owner of Total Integrated Therapy.


Kim Ryder is a Mind Body Integration Specialist and Mindset Coach, and Co-owner of Total Integrated Therapy. She is an Educator, International Speaker, and Author of “I Can Change The Way I Feel”.

Kim has extensive expertise as a Human Behavioral Consultant, Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher, and MyOsteo Holistic Bodyworker. Kim is dedicated to teaching, research, development, and inspiring human potential. She has shared her unique style with thousands of people around the world so they can live inspired and fulfilling lives.

Kim is dedicated to helping people to release limiting beliefs that are holding them back from more success, love, and fulfillment! Her unique style helps clients to learn how to relax, be more happy, confident and empowered.


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Dave and Kim Ryder, offer personalized Breakthrough Coaching Sessions, online and over the phone. – We can come to you! We are available to fly to your destination where ever you are in the world – Inquire for more information. Transform Your Life & Feel Better Today! Book your session Today.