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Integrated Equine Bodywork

Integrated Equine Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Equestrian Wellness, and Performance.

Integrated Equine Bodywork to balance and help your four-legged friend. Integrated Equine Bodywork is different depending on the performance and function required. Serving the Portland, Oregon area for equestrian hunter jumper, dressage, western, barrel, horse racing and trail riding.

Integrated Equine bodywork can greatly improve health, wellbeing, and movement for any horse. We help release stress and aid in eliminating muscle pain, stiffness, and tension. Working with muscles and connective tissues, can prevent and dissolve painful muscle spasms, soreness, help overcome soft tissue adhesions around joints, vertebrae that can result in relationship and performance issues. Servicing the Portland areas and providing soothing relief for your four legged friends.

Horses are incredible athletes. About 60% of a horses body weight is muscle. The horse actually uses just about every muscle in its body with every step.

  • Improved range of free motion

  • Improved performance and gait quality

  • Prevention of injuries to muscles and ligaments

  • Maintenance of good muscle tone and wellness

  • Relaxation of the horse and contribution to mental soundness

  • Accelerated recovery from soft tissue injury

Dave Ryder

Kim Ryder

Dave & Kim Ryder
972 249 7331 or 972 256 6067
Professional Equine Bodywork
Price $100/hour Single Therapist
Price $150/hour for both Dave & Kim
No Barn Charge within 30 miles


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