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Give Yourself The Best Gift Of All

Health & Wellbeing is easy when you know how to release stress, tension, and troubles.

It’s like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.


Break the old familiar relationship patterns and watch the people around you change like magic, as you begin to attract different people and circumstances.



Feel better, look younger with more time and energy to do the things you are most passionate about. Design your life and say goodbye to living by default.


Put Your Good Health & Well-being on Auto-Pilot!

Transform Your Life Today

Relaxation Meditation Right Here, Right Now

Find Your True Self is a relaxation meditation recording to be used when you are in need of some rejuvenation and healing. Kim Ryder will guide you through a complete full body relaxation session and take you deep within yourself to find your true self, bring about positive changes. Full of positive affirmations to help you align and discover the true you! The music has been created by Kim.

Treat yourself to a few minutes right now to relax and find peace within, for your health & wellbeing.
Find yourself in a comfortable position and then click the play button on the sound bar below, close your eyes, relax and enjoy:

Taking time to calm the mind and relax the body helps the brain grow and make new connections as well as improving our focus and setting a peaceful pace for the day. Changes in mental habits change our neurology and biology, as well as our outlook and perspective. Changing habits can be easier than you may think. It all simply depends on how easy you make it, or not.

Calm The Mind And Relax The Body for Your Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing starts by taking time to calm the mind and relax the body. 

  • Expand your brain
  • Make new connections
  • Improving  focus
  • Set a productive peaceful pace for the day. 

Relaxing the body will induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and this is the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness. The practice can have a profound effect on the mind-body connection. It helps to release physical, mental and emotional stress with regular practice.

What is meditation?

Meditation means contemplation and reflection. Meditation is a practice and discipline in which an individual trains the mind, or induces a mode of consciousness either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself. The combination of both relaxation and meditation will give you the ultimate way to gain control of your life. When you are no longer focusing on time or your problems then suddenly you become conscious of your unconscious thoughts and the more conscious you are, the more control you have over them. This is part of what it means to know your true self.

We use physiology as a powerful tool to help integrate changes.

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Make the time and anchor useful feelings with the behaviors that you want.

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We teach the significance of exercise and it’s connection with brain growth and learning.

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“To let go is not to judge but to allow another to be human. “
Kim Ryder • Quote of the Day
“To let go is not to criticize and regulate others, but try to become what I dream to be.”
Kim Ryder • Quote of the Day
Health is our state of body, and Wellness is our state of mind.
Dave Ryder
The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
The greatest wealth is health.

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